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Our focus is on providing high-quality, yet low-cost, online  courses for private investigators, security officers and process servers. Perhaps our greatest challenge  is to present instructional content in simple, straight-forward language and at the same time meet requirements of regulatory boards. Recently, one of our students  e-mailed us with a comment: “Rocket science this is not.” We took it as a compliment.

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Our instructional staff combined has over 100 years of military, government and teaching experience. You can trust us to give you the information you need to succeed in your profession. Among all providers of online courses for private Investigators, security officers and process servers we were first out of the gate. And we are still leading the pack in terms of high quality and low price.

What We Offer


We offer online courses for persons seeking a license, certification or appointment as a private investigator, security officer or process server.  We operate in 15 or more states and we’ve been at it since 2002.

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Why Choose Us


Our prices are low and quality is high. Course content is interesting and easy to comprehend. You have the freedom to log in and log out whenever you like and take as long as you want to complete a course. A final test can be taken as many times as needed to achieve a passing score (70%). The completion certificate is sent by email within seconds after finishing the course.

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