When we started this business 18 years ago we offered one course for private investigators, in one state. Today we offer 60 different courses for private investigators, security officers and process servers, with approval of regulatory boards in 16 states.
We are making another turn and it is in the direction of instructor training. Organizations ranging from state regulatory boards to government agencies to business corporations require their instructors to be certified. One of the qualifying requirements of certification is successful completion of an 80-hours instructor training course. That’s where we come in. We conduct that course and we do it online. For details, go to our Catalog of Courses and scroll to the very end.


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Our approach to online training is bring the instructor to the student. We do this by anticipating student questions. The key points (which relate to critical job tasks) are reviewed and reviewed and reviewed. If a student still needs help we have a certified instructor available by phone and email.

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Acquiring fundamental teaching skills is the first step in building a successful career as an instructor. This course provides, for beginning as well as seasoned instructors, the know-how to bring training objectives to life, to write and teach from a lesson plan, and to exercise effective presentation skills. At the end of the course the student will have developed a workable lesson plan in a topic of the student’s choosing. In length and content, this course is equivalent to two full weeks of classroom instruction.

A New Turn

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