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Our approach to online training is bring the instructor to the student. We do this by anticipating student questions. The key points (which relate to critical job tasks) are reviewed and reviewed and reviewed. If a student still needs help we have a certified instructor available by phone and email.

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Preferred Client Program

Acquiring fundamental teaching skills is the first step in building a successful career as an instructor. This course provides, for beginning as well as seasoned instructors, the know-how to bring training objectives to life, to write and teach from a lesson plan, and to exercise effective presentation skills. At the end of the course the student will have developed a workable lesson plan in a topic of the student’s choosing. In length and content, this course is equivalent to two full weeks of classroom instruction.


In our Preferred Client Program a licensed company need only give us the names of persons to be trained and we take it from there - do the enrollment, create student files, monitor student progress, and provide to the employer test scores and course completion certificates. And there is no extra charge. 

Plus, and this is big, we link our Preferred Client to a 50-page e-manual that is downloadable in as many copies as desired. This manual is an excellent reference and job aid. 

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