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We have courses for entry-level officers, follow-up annual/refresher courses, and a security supervisor course. Our courses follow the ASIS guidelines and standards. To read more and to register, 

What’s New…

The Minnesota Board of Private Detectives and Protective Agents has approved our two newest online courses:
-Preassignment Training Course for Private Detectives
-Preassignment Training Course for Protective Agents
These are 12-hour courses and we price them at $150 each.

The State of Texas Judicial Branch Certification Commission has approved our online Process Server Certification Course. This 7-hour course is priced at $100.

Two new faces have joined Learning Shop USA. Sharon DeCet is our new Operations Officer, and Gary DeCet heads up our Sales and Marketing Department. Jack Fay continues as Director of Instruction.

Process Server

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Security Officer

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Our process server courses meet the requirements of the states where they are approved, such as Texas and Arizona. We also have complementary courses, such as Note Taking and Testifying. To read more and to register,

Private Investigator

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We offer more than twenty private investigation courses; we are approved in seventeen states; and are regularly used by investigators in all states. For more information and to see our courses for private investigators,